We bring transformational Learning Programs to emerging and experienced professionals for in-demand cutting-edge IT skills.

We are ZettaSkill

A Talent Development initiative of ZettaMine.

Partnering, in the area of Skill Development, with individuals and enterprises to augment the capabilities of emerging and experienced professionals.

ZettaMine through its varied training programs enables you to stay ahead of the curve in a wide range of IT skills which include SAP, Oracle, Cloud Computing, Full-stack Web development, DevOps, RPA to name a few.


  • Build career-advancing skills with courses that are industry relevant.
  • Learn from mentors with industry experience and a passion to teach.
  • Holistic learning programs with focus on communication and presentation skills in addition to core tech-skills.


  • Helps employees to work progressively by providing the necessary knowledge and skill augmentation.
  • Reap greater productivity and higher quality of work-output from
  • Helps turn young talents into tomorrow’s leaders

Why Corporate Training Programs?

Invest in your teams - Protect your bottom line

Companies can reap the rewards of providing training for their employees because well-trained workers help increase productivity and profits. Investing in employee training should improve worker retention rates, creativity, higher productivity which ultimately contribute to customer satisfaction.

Why Upskill Training Programs?

Advance your career prospects with Upskilling / Cross-Skilling

While Learning is essential to get a job, it doesn’t stop once an individual has landed into a job. Upskilling / Cross-Skilling facilitates continuous learning and development opportunities that expand an individual’s abilities and minimize skill gaps. Upskilling focuses on improving skill sets to advance career prospects and find different roles and opportunities within the company or elsewhere.

Emerging Talent

Emerging Talent - Kickstart your career with ZettaSkill.

With the cost for mid-level and senior talent continuing to increase, emerging talent has become highly sought after. Emerging talent are interns, entry-level, or junior employees that show the motivation, intelligence, and skills to accelerate to senior-level positions. While some businesses may be able to identify emerging talent depending on their experience, that’s only half of the puzzle. The struggle with emerging talent comes from the time needed to mentor and mould them with the right skills – at ZettaSkill we focus on building this essential bridge.

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